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Preparing and packing

The tour requires good shoes and clothing. Bring your own food and drink. You can also have a fantastic dinner at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.

Estimated hiking time from Preikestolen parking and back: 3 – 5 hours. Be sure that you and those with you are ready for a trek of that length.

We also recommend...

Preikestolen cruise and hike: Experience Pulpit Rock from the fjord and the fjord from the Pulpit Rock – all in the same experience! Read more at

The official rules

Along with answers to common questions here, you can also get complete information about our terms of carriage, which govern our operations and ticket sales. We have them right here on the site.

Answers to Questions

Forgot something?

Forgotten items will be delivered at our lost and found as soon as possible. Please contact the bus company for more information at or call customer service at +47 515 99 060 (Monday-Friday 8:00-16:00)

Round trip ticket – how does it work?

The round trip ticket includes 2 bus rides: from Sandnes, Stavanger or Jørpeland to Pulpit Rock, and then a later journey back from Pulpit Rock to your starting point. You select the departure which suits you best. Tickets to Pulpit Rock are booked for a specific date and time and cannot be used for buses other than the one that was purchased.

Tickets to Pulpit Rock are for a specific date and time. The return ticket is valid for up to four days after your ride to Pulpit Rock. You may choose your return bus according to the current timetable published on our website, but be advised that all return buses are on a first-come, first-served basis. If it is critical that you travel back at a specific date and time, come early! Return tickets cannot be used for stops that are farther away than the starting point. For example, Jørpeland tickets cannot be used to "return" to Stavanger, and Stavanger tickets cannot be used to travel to Sandnes on return.

One-way ticket – how does it work?

A one-way ticket is valid for only the direction purchased (either to or from Pulpit Rock). One-way tickets to Pulpit Rock are booked for a specific date and time and cannot be used for buses other than the one that was purchased. Tickets back from Pulpit Rock are valid for any bus departure, and are valid for up to four days after purchase. Please note that one-way tickets from Pulpit Rock cannot be used to travel to Sandnes, since those stops are only available to round-trip ticket holders who started in Sandnes.

Do I need to set a date when buying the ticket?

Yes, you must select the travel date when purchasing tickets on this site. Our booking system will show you everything that is available. Tickets to Pulpit Rock are for a specific date and time, while return tickets from Pulpit Rock are valid for up to four days from the date shown on the ticket.

Can the ticket be changed or refunded?

If you have purchased tickets and wish to cancel them, the following applies:

  • Cancelling at least one week before travel: full refund of the ticket price.
  • Cancelling less than one week before travel: no refunds.

To cancel tickets, please contact customer service during office hours, Monday - Friday from 08:00 - 16:00

How do I pay for the ticket?

All tickets must be purchased here on our web site in advance. The drivers do not have the ability to sell tickets onboard the buses.

Do I need to show my ticket when going onboard?

Yes. Your ticket with the order number must be presented when boarding the bus. Bring it with you on paper or mobile device.

What if I cannot present a valid ticket?

All travelers must be able to present a valid ticket for the whole journey. If you fail to present a valid ticket during a ticket control you will receive a fine.

Can children travel alone?

Unaccompanied children must be of school age. The child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian until bus departure and must possess information with name and number of a responsible adult in case something unforeseen should happen.

Are pets allowed in the bus?

No, sorry. We do not allow pets on the bus.

What if we misunderstood the timetable?

Complete timetables for both directions can be found on the front page of this site. In addition, our booking system will provide you with your pickup time when you purchase the tickets. Even so, if you are not sure about departure times, please contact our customer service before you buy your ticket, because the tickets are not refundable for misunderstandings.

What if I decide that I do not want to go due to bad weather conditions?

You are in full control of your decisions - we will not try to force you go to Pulpit Rock if the weather is bad. However, we do not refund tickets for bad weather.

What if we are not in good enough condition for the trip?

Definitely consider this before booking the trip! The hike is around 3-5 hours round trip, so you need to make the right choice about participating. We don't refund bus tickets because the trip turned out to be more than you can do.

What if someone breaks leg?

Proper shoes, clothing and basic fitness are essential for a safe and successful trip to and from Pulpit Rock. Make sure everything is in order before you travel! Of course, accidents are accidents and even good planning cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong on any journey. If there's a major injury, you will need to get expert emergency help. Oh... ticket refunds for the bus that drove you there? No.

What if we were not allowed to leave Preikestolen parking due to weather/clothes/fitness?

Canceled plans, no matter who does the canceling, are no fun. However, the tickets you bought for the bus were just for the bus ride, not for anything else. We do not refund tickets for problems that are not related to the bus journey.

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