Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

You need good, sturdy shoes and clothes that are appropriate for the weather. You can bring your own food and drinks for your tour. You can also enjoy a fantastic dinner at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.

How long is the trip from Stavanger city center to the Pulpit Rock parking lot?

The exact time will vary depending on the bus stop you choose, but assume that the ride each way will take approximately 50 minutes.

How much time should I expect to use for a trip to Pulpit Rock?

The typical hiking time for a trip to Pulpit Rock and back is between 4-5 hours. Make sure you and your companions are ready for a hike of that length and duration.

I will be arriving on a cruise ship - what bus stop should I choose?

Cruise ships normally dock at the wharf in central Stavanger. You must check whether this is the case for your cruise call, as cruise ships can also dock in other berths in the city.

You can use the bus stops "Rad. Blue Atlantic (Olav Vs gate)" or "Klubbgata (Starbucks)", which is located right outside of the Klubbgata Starbucks and will have the name "Klubbgata A". For an overview of all the different bus stops and their locations, check out our Bus Stops page.

What if I decide not to go because of bad weather?

You may of course make that choice! However, we do not refund tickets because of bad weather or other last-minute issues.

I have lost something on the ride - what should I do now?

Items left behind on buses will be collected and returned to our Lost and Found location as soon as possible. Contact us for more information at or ring to customer service at +47 515 99 060 (mandag-fredag 8:00-16:00)

Can I bring dogs or other pets on the bus?

Sorry, no - pets are not allowed to rde the bus.

Can children travel alone?

Unaccompanied children must be at least of school age. The child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian until the bus departs and must have information with the name and number of the responsible adult in case something unforeseen happens.

Must I choose a date when I buy my tickets?

Yes, you must choose a starting date for your trip. The booking system will show you all available dates and starting times from your chosen starting point. Tickets to Pulpit Rock must be purchased for a specific date and time. Tickets back from Pulpit Rock require a starting date and are valid for four days from the starting date. You may choose any departure from Pulpit Rock while the ticket is valid.

How do I buy my tickets?

All tickets must be purchased in advance on our website. It is not possible to purchase tickets on board the bus.

Do I need to show my ticket in order to board the bus?

Yes. You must show your ticket with booking number/code to the driver when you board the bus. You can show it either on paper or on a mobile device.

What if I cannot show a valid ticket to the driver?

All travelers must be able to show a valid ticket for their entire journey. If you are unable to present a valid ticket during a ticket control, you may be fined.

One Way Tickets - how do they work?

A one-way ticket is valid only for the direction that is purchased (either to or from Pulpit Rock). One-way tickets to Pulpit Rock are purchased for a specific date and departure time, and these cannot be used for other departure dates or times. One-way return tickets back from Pulpit Rock are purchased to begin on a specific date, and are valid for four days from that starting date. The one-way return tickets can be used for any returning bus while the tickets are valid. Please note that one-way tickets from Pulpit Rock are not valid for travel to Sandnes, since Sandnes bus stops are only served on return for round-trip ticket that started in Sandnes.

Round Trip Tickets - how do they work?

Round trip tickets include two bus rides: from Sandnes, Stavanger or Jørpeland to Pulpit Rock; and then a later ride back from Pulpit Rock to your starting point. You choose a specific departure location, date and time for your trip to Pulpit Rock, and the tickets can only be used for that chosen location, date and time.

Your return ticket is valid for four days after the start of your travel, and you may choose any departing bus from Pulpit Rock while the tickets are valid. Our website shows the departure times for each season that we operate. Please note that return buses operate on a "first come, first served" basis. If it is critical that you travel back from Pulpit Rock by a specific date or time, come early to have the best chance to get seats on that bus! You cannot use the return ticket to travel to a stop that is past your starting point along the route. For example, you cannot use a Jørpeland round-trip ticket to return to Stavanger, and tickets that start in Stavanger cannot return you to Sandnes.

Must I choose a specific date when I buy my tickets?

Yes, you must choose a specific date when you buy tickets on our website. Our booking system will show you all available departures dates and times when you book. Tickets to Pulpit Rock are used for one specific departure date and time, while return tickets can be used for up to four days after the starting date on the tickets.

Can I change my ticket dates or get a refund?

Sometimes! The following conditions appy to ticket refunds:

  • For cancellations one week or more in advance of departure: full refund
  • For cancellations less than one week before departure: no refund

If you wish to cancel or modify your ticket, please contact customer service during open hours (Monday - Friday between 08:00 and 16:00)

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